Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The latest issue of the Gatehouse Gazette - #22!

The prodigal son (or magazine) for Steampunk and Dieselpunk has returned, albeit on a limited basis!  The exceptional Mr. Ottens (and his diligent associates) have released issue number 22 of the Gatehouse Gazette, much to the pleasure of the greater Steampunk and Dieselpunk circles - so to enjoy excellent articles, such as insight to the upcoming European Steampunk Convention, Spanish Steampunk, an introspective on the legendary Raymond Chandler, and much, much more, please visit the Gatehouse Gazette, issue number 22, located at: http://www.ottens.co.uk/gatehouse/Gazette%20-%2022.pdf

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Film Noir Classics: The Big Combo

Another genre classic, The Big Combo is interesting as it no only is great for its great lines, such as..
- "I'm gonna break him so fast he won't have time to change his pants"
- "If they take you to police headquarters, shoot yourself in the head.  It'll make things simpler."
- "You're a little man with a soft job and good pay.  Stop thinking about what might have been and who knows - you may live to die in bed."

... but for its subtle (or not so subtle) sexual innuendos, which passed by the censors of the day.  From the sexual dominance of Mr. Brown over Susan, to the thinly veiled buddy-buddy button men (gay relationship... the line by Mingo while he's in hiding, that he can't "swallow anymore salami"), there are a lot of lines that add to the complexity of this excellent plot.  So do enjoy yet another Noir classic!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Cap'n's Cabaret (at Dieselpunks.org)!

The Cap'n and an intrepid companion off to another corner
of the Dieselpunk world!

During my time blogging (a few years now), I've seen many endeavors come and go, both hosting sites and blogs, thus I do have an admiration for longevity.  Keeping an eye out for this quality, I did wish to mention an excellent series at Dieselpunks.org, by Cap'n Tony, called "The Cap'n's Cabaret".  The good Captain reviews a musical highlight from the Dieselpunk genre every week, and as an added bonus, includes the details to a tasty beverage to indulge (necessitating a serious upgrade to my own bar - which is sadly lacking since my bachelor days...).  Nonetheless, I would certainly recommend visiting at least one (or at best, all) of the Cap'n entries... starting at: http://www.dieselpunks.org/profile/JohnPhilpott - Do enjoy!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Film Noir Classics: Quicksand

Another gem from YouTube, Quicksand is a classic storyline...

Young auto mechanic Dan Brady (Mickey Rooney) takes $20 from a cash register at work to go on a date with blonde femme fatale Vera Novak (Jeanne Cagney). Brady intends to put the money back before it is missed, but the garage's bookkeeper shows up earlier than scheduled. As Brady scrambles to cover evidence of his petty theft, he fast finds himself drawn into an ever worsening "quicksand" of crime, each of his misdeeds more serious than the last.
His descent is sped along by his heartless and morally lacking boss Oren Mackay (Art Smith), and the seedy owner of a penny arcade on Santa Monica Pier, Nick Dramoshag (Peter Lorre). Brady and Vera split when Vera purchases a mink coat with money Brady has stolen. Brady's still-loyal but unappreciated former girlfriend Helen (Barbara Bates) then reenters the scene and tries to woo him back. Later fleeing what he believes will be a murder charge, Brady carjacks a sedan which happens to be driven by a sympathetic lawyer (Taylor Holmes).
By movie's end Brady is back with his faithful girlfriend, who promises to wait for him while he spends the next few years of his life in prison. (from Wikipedia)

Another Noir gem, so do enjoy!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Caravan Palace - Rock it for me!

Wanted to ensure one didn't think the site had gone stale, so to speak, so I'm adding a gem from Caravan Palace's newest album, Panic! (er, from March, so again, I'm a bit behind).  Nonetheless, please do enjoy, and consider a visit to their website, at: http://www.caravanpalace.com/