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Dieselpunk Destinations - Seraph City

Downtown Searph City, by Miss Tesla Tripsa

The first Second Life Dieselpunk city for the SL Jazz after I'll write about happens to be one where I reside, Seraph City.  A relatively new sim (opened in mid April of this year), the sim has progressed smartly towards its intended goal of a Dieselpunk city.

Driving down main street, past Mr. Nix's old shop

As one might expect, the most challenging aspect and noticeable feature of any Dieselpunk sim is its architecture.  When one thinks of the Jazz era, the visions of older buildings mixed with an infusion of Art Deco comes to mind.  The current makeup of Seraph City originally had a higher number of older vice Deco builds, but as the sim matures, more of the Art Deco (and even some Streamline Moderne) have made an appearance on the streets.

A view of the architecture down Main Street

Another key component is ensuring the entities in Seraph City are within the genre of the era.  A concerted effort has been made to keep the stores in-genre as much as possible.  While there are some goods from beyond the 1920s to the early 1950s, the mainstay of businesses focus on the Dieselpunk genre for their sales in Seraph City.

Miss Carver in the entrance of the Carrington

The Carrington, an Art Deco gem just off the right from the initial TP point, hosts four merchants, BlakOpal, The Curious Seamstress, Tres Beau, and Nymphetamine Botique), who have clothing lines for both ladies and gentlemen of the era.  Mr. Nix Sands' Xcentricity branch, well known in Caledon, also has a presence in Seraph City directly off the main TP point (and sells his outstanding fedora - a "must have" for any fellows visiting the city)!  Directly to the South East is the New Champagne Room's shopping district, hosting another large segment of excellent purveyors of fine Jazz Era and Dieselpunk goods, including Weimar, the Swank Brothers, Old Time Prims, and Melu Deco, to name a few.

Balcony Dance during the Grand Opening of 
the New Champagne Rooms in Seraph City

Speaking of the New Champagne Rooms, early on in the sim, the owner, Miss Ahnyanka Delphin, moved the main establishment to the SE corner of the sim, and hosts daily burlesque shows - always an entraining evening to visit the ladies of the enterprise.

The Empire Jazz Club, on the East Side of the city

If one wishes to indulge in the music of the era, there are currently two venues available - the Seraph Club (easily found with its brilliant neon lights, reminiscent of classic locations of the era) and my own Empire Jazz Club.  At the current writing, the Seraph Club is under construction, however the Empire Jazz Club is open for business.  If one is seeking a quiet location to indulge in some Jazz music, there are nine classic feeds available in the club (just east of the Carrington).

The Crescent Theater, adjacent to Jack's diner

The Crescent Theater recently opened in the northwestern portion of the town, and will be running a selection of productions from the era.  A schedule has yet to be published, but with an impressive body of work available, there is certain to be plenty of film to indulge one's cinematographc interest.

Miss Ceejay Writer's Java Jive - an iconic build in Seraph City

Of course, no sime can be without its unique an iconic builds, especially in a sim replete with Art Deco and Dieselpunk cleverness - from Miss Ceejay Writer's Java Jive, Mr. M. Tenk's Blue Angel diner, to Miss Jed Dagger's Sinclair Gas Station on the edge of town, and Mr. Rip Firefly's old Air Station (beside Miss Sonatta Morale's stunning Art Deco gem on the SE corner of town), and many more hidden gems waiting to be found in Seraph City.

Taking a spin in the New Champagne Room's Commercial District

To keep tabs on the events in Seraph City, visit its newspaper, The Seraph City Times, at

To learn more about Dieselpunk, please visit, and excellent source for Dieselpunk, Pulp, and the Jazz era!

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