Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jazz and Dieselpunk in Second Life

I've been giving a lot of thought as to what the direction of this blog should be, and how to best help it meet its goals - promoting Jazz in Second Life and promoting Dieselpunk / Pulp / Noir / Jazz era (choose your poison).  I do like Jazz, as I think many people in SL do, and I also enjoy the Pulp era.  (ed note - I'll use the term "Pulp" to encompass the entire genre - one can make an arguement for any term, but I do have to refer to it somehow, and don't relish entering the long list every time I mention the genre).

So, instead of trying to focus on all versions of  Jazz, I'll be covering both SL Jazz venues that reflect the Jazz era (say the time after WW1 to just after the end of WW2 - the begining of the Atomic age), along with Pulp sims in Second Life.  There aren't as many said sims (perhaps a handful) as compared to Steampunk (as I've been covering for ages at the Steampunk Tribune), but nonetheless, having a place to focus on them is only a positive.  Currently, there are a handful of Pulp sims, as listed below...

Seraph City
The 1920's Berlin Project
The Cotton Club
New Toulouse
Virtual Harlem
Sapphire City

These sims are the one I know about at the moment.  As I locate sims (or even partial sims / destinations) that are in the genre, I'll be posting and writing about them here.

Additionally, I'll be posting on Jazz clubs in Second Life.  Needless to say, the Jazz era fits squarely within the Pulp/Dieselpunk genre, and there are a number of clubs which reflect this.  A few that come to mind are...

Bogart's Jazz Club
Wiseguys Social Club
Casablanca Jazz Club
The Savoy Jazz Club
Le Vieux Canal Jazz Club (New Toulouse Algiers)
Benny's Jazz Club
Goodfellas Lounge

I"ll add the SLurls as I cover the locations - but for now, please feel free to do a bit of searching around - feel free to leave comments as well!


Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

Thank you for this post. Glad you're finding direction in your jazz era in SL blog

Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Dear Mr. Reason,
My pleasure, sir - the overall SL Jazz scene is particularly large and I'm hoping a focus will help those who wish to promote this genre.

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