Sunday, October 31, 2010

... and we're back!

The Empire Jazz Club, my own little corner of Dieselpunk in SL

After a bit of a hiatus, SL Jazz After Midnight is back as the Dieselpunk Herald (DPH) and on active duty!  Having attended to numerous RL issues, I am making it a point of reviving the DPH to cover the small but growing Dieselpunk / Pulp / Jazz Era / Noir locations in the virtual worlds (including, but not limited to Second Life, but other grids as the genre expands and grows)

Relaxing at the EJC

But why the name change?  A variety of factors, but mostly a desire to indulge in the full spectrum of the Jazz era to include Dieselpunk, (Film) Noir, Pulp, and classic Jazz.  The URL will remain the same for now, but I'll be taking a larger vista into account between virtual worlds and the Dieselpunk genre.  I'll be blogging on locations, genre clubs, and more things that fit the bill.  So do keep in touch and feel free to pay a visit, either here or on my genre links blog, the Dieselpunk Links!