Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dieselpunk Travelogue: The Pan Pacific Auditorium

The Pan Pacific Auditorium 

During my hunt for places in Second Life which are from the Dieselpunk (DP) genre, I came across the Pan Pacific Auditorium.  I had to smile as I immediately recognized the sleek lines of the Streamline Moderne architecture, but had admit, I knew very little about the Pan Pacific.

An evening view of the front facade of the Pan Pacific

The Real Life Pan Pacific was built in 1935, and located just north-west of Los Angeles.  It was a gigantic buiilding, over 100,000 square feet and able to hold 6,000 people at a time.  It was used for political events, car shows, circuses, conventions, and concerts.  Elvis Presley played at the Pan Pacific, and General Eisenhower gave a speech there a month prior to being elected president.  It remained a popular location until the Los Angeles Convention Center opened, which signaled the beginning of the end of the Pan Pacific.   Though it fell on hard times, it was placed on the list of National Historical Places Registry, but sadly burnt down 1989.  For more RL information, please visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan-Pacific_Auditorium

Inside the Pan Pacific Auditorium - the "latest" cars on display!

The SL version, however, is quite alive and well.  Mr. Bixyl Shuftan, of the SL Newser, and up-and-coming SL news blog, was able to angle an interview with the owners of the Pan Pacific, Amxscott Hammill, who related some of the challenges involved with his original Pan Pacific build in There.com, his migration to SL, and accomplishing his dream of making the SL Pan Pacific Auditorium a reality.  To read Mr. Shuftan's article with Mr. Hammill, please turn to: http://slnewserplaces.blogspot.com/2010/09/pan-pacific-auditorium.html

The residential apartments of the Pan Pacific

In addition to their displays, the Pan Pacific also has a regular music schedule, with numerous performances taking place during the week.  Like its RL incarnation, there is plenty of space for the events, and for an up-to-date listing is available just outside the auditorium.

View of one of the floors of the Pan Pacific apartments

There are a good number of both apartment and kiosk (business) rental spaces available on the grounds of the Pan Pacific's sim.  A single store can be had for L$100/wk for 100 prims (which seems pretty reasonable), and the apartments are a tad more, but have an 800 prim allowance at a comparable price.  

Relaxing with Breezy in the Pan Pacific's Apartment Lobby

If you do have a chance, do consider visiting the Pan Pacific Auditorium.  They do have a dedicated website, which has further information regarding their shows and live events, which is located at: http://panpacificauditorium.yolasite.com/

Also, do take the opportunity to read SL Newser's article on the Pan Pacific, located at: http://slnewserplaces.blogspot.com/2010/09/pan-pacific-auditorium.html

Finally, if you wish to go there directly, just follow this SLurl...

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