Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jazz Venue Reviews: The Elegance Ballroom

The Elegance Ballroom is one of the "New Wave" of Jazz/Ballroom venues in Second Life.  (By "New Wave", I refer to it being less than 2 years old... the "Classic" Jazz/Ballrooms are listed on the sidebar below.)  Encompassing two sims, you'll arrive in essentially the center of the sims and will be surrounded by an option of shopping locales.

Though expansive, there are numerous TPs around the sim (as shown above), which will take you directly to the ballroom.  A simple touch-and-tp puts you at the entrance of the venue.

Pros: Spacious shopping area (quite a bit swanky of selections to choose from, especially for the ladies), gracious hosts (quick to say hello and quite friendly), and the sign below of upcoming live events is a very nice touch.  As far as music is concerned, I couldn't quite identify the feed the first time I visited, but the second time I popped in, they had a live performer).  The grounds of the build itself are exceptionally well done - I did like the fountains on the build, along with the very good ice skating rink (in time for the holidays)!

Cons:  Few, if any - though I did encounter one that was a tad surprising.  While visiting during a live event, the performer was asking for support for the venue and the employees.  Quite understandable, but she came across as lecturing the customers/visitors that it was essentially their responsibility to ensure the tips were provided.  While I would believe this is limited to a singe individual, were I not here for a review, I would have simply TP'ed to another location.  Seriously, I understand that one aspect of income for music venues are tips provided by those listening, but I don't relish being lecture during my time away from RL.  Aside from this circumstance, any other quibbles fall in the realm of personal preference (e.g. no flight,  a long walk to the venue, ect...)

Would I go back?  Perhaps.  While the location was well done and the staff was courteous, the though of being told how to spend my monies (even if they are only Lindens) is a bit off-putting.  I'll return, and update as to future visits.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Blog review update...

Just a quick updated to the blog, on a cold Monday afternoon!  I've been wrestling with the format and length of the previous venue reviews in SL.  Since there are an exceptionally long list of club, and I am hoping to be as comprehensive as possible, I'll be whittling down the reviews to the following format...

Description of the club: First impressions, appearance, music, and any other notable issues about a venue.
Pros: Good things about the club.
Cons: Disappointing issues that might arise about the club being covered.
Overall: This will essentially be the same, would I go back?

The focus will be on trying to cover as much as possible in the SL Jazz scene, and as the club venues tend to be where people go to dance or listen to live performances, I figured I'd focus on that.  That, and another associated project with the blog, but more on that to come in the future.  For now, my thanks for visiting the blog, and be seeing you later!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jazz Venue Reviews: The Fiume Jazz Club, SL Chicago

The Fiume Jazz Club is a classic jazz venue located on the SL Chicago sim.  As previously mentioned during the review of SL Chicago last week, there is more to SL Chicago than role play - though that is an integral part of the sim (I believe they held their first mobster trial and sentencing this week)!  But for non-rp events, the Fiume Jazz Club is the place to be!

The main stage of the Fiume Jazz Club - SL Chicago.

First Impressions - To arrive at the Fiume, one can either take a direct LM to the locale, or arrive via the SL Chicago teleportation system (red phone booths - a nice touch).  No lag when I arrived, and it is a nice place to indulge in a bit of Jazz.

Venue Appearance - The entrance to the Fiume is easy to navigate, and the build is well done.  The dance floor is large enough to hold a good number of individuals.  There are subtle notes of an older type of club (e.g. the hat check area), but nothing out of the ordinary.  One note - the sliver of land on the side of SL Chicago is non-RP, though era attire is encouraged.  Once you cross the bridge, you'll be requested to follow the sim's RP rules. 

Waiting for Breezy - thankfully, TPs are quick!

Atmosphere - Nice, quiet, and personable... as it is part of a RP sim, you'll see more people in RP, though it isn't required.  The attire is a bit more formal than average clubs (e.g. suits for gents, nice dresses for ladies), so keep this in mind... there are clothes stores just north of the club.  No 'spolder balls, no pestering for tips (though there is a tip-jar at the bar), just a nice place to dance.

Music - As its part of a Jazz-era, Dieselpunk sim, the Fiume Jazz club is most certianly a Jazz venue.  I don't recall the feed they used the last time I visited, but a subsequent visit had no music at all - an odd oversight, but I'm certain its a fluke issue.  One nice aspect is the club owner, a Mr.  Shepham Moorlord, and his partner, Miss Starla Huntress, are working attentively to attract musicians and if I recall correctly, plans are (as of this writing) to have one live performer weekly at the Fiume - as I learn of more regarding this, I promise to keep the readership informed!

Dancing at the Fiume... though my "Noir" settings are a tad darker than I'd like..
(need to work on that!)

Overall - Would I come back?... Yes.  A great location, and from the discussion I had with the owner, it has great potential to be an excellent Jazz-era venue for indugling in classic tunes.  For now, it remains a bit empty, but as time goes by, it'll be quite the hopping place, I'd wager!  To pay a visit, please go to:

Ed. Note: It was announced in the first week of December that the second club on SL Chicago, the "Boom Boom Room" (on the RP island), was closed due RL issues.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

69 Park Avenue Jazz Club

 Greetings and Welcome to Second Life Jazz After Midnight
((above photo supplied by 69 Park Avenue))
This evening's  Brief Blog is on 69 Park Avenue Jazz Club
Located on SL NYC sims
 The Jazz Ballroom @ 69 Park Avenue is a sleek contemporary Build
With ease in access and virtually appealing
See their Event Calender here 
below some verbiage to describe what This clever build Offers to all interested in exploring
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 The Music Stream was an original , enjoyable and quite Refreshing collection of True Jazz Selections !!
 Of Course Toys For Tots Toy Drive caught our Eye .. Kudos to 69 Park Avenue
for supporting such a great cause in any World !!!
 Beautifully Designed Lag Free , Ah and a table for Two , Champagne included !
69 Park Avenue is perhaps one of the best... shall we say "commerical" clubs
That The good Doctor and Breezy have come upon in a while .  
Commercial being part of a larger mall build, but not the main focus of the build
Breezy was Impressed with their Men's formal ware available both in world
Having another Delightful evening ,Dancing with The Dashing Doctor Fabre !
Breezy enjoyed this venue, The Good Doctor mentioned they shall return, smiles
Do have a look and visit yourselves
The Jazz Ballroom @ 69 Park Avenue
A rather beautiful Jazz venue and an Interesting Local

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Frank Lloyd Wright Museum to close today!

As reported on New World Notes and the Primgraph, the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum will be closing today, due to contractual issues with the RL parent company.  For more details, please visit the NWN or the Primgraph's article, at, , or use a SLurl to make a last trip to this gem, at:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seraph City Advertiser - The business paper for Seraph City

First, my apologies for being a bit behind the curve with the SL Jam - RL events have taken an odd twist, including a potential big screen blip for my main blog, the Steampunk Tribune, along with a few other odds and ends.

However, I did want to make the post that I've started a new blog (go figure) for Searph City businesses, titled the Searph City Advertiser.  This blog will highlight the businesses in Seraph City, including profiling sim businesses, new releases, upcoming social events, and much more (well, ideally much more).  Its still in its infancy, but I'll be cross posting to the SL JAM with any Dieselpunk events which take place in SC.  To take a peek at the SC Advertiser (which is still having its wrinkles smoothed out), please visit:

One final note, I'll be adding a new item to the SL JAM, which will focus on SL musicians - an interivew series of sorts.  If you happen to know of SL Jazz musician / DJ who you'd like to learn more about, please drop a line to my email ( or just contact me inworld - thanks!