Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jazz Venue Reviews: The Elegance House of Jazz

Hello!  Been a bit since the last venue entry, but I'm afraid that catching up with the remaining blogs (not to mention RL) has cut in a bit club reviews.  Not to worry, however, as today is a hidden gem, which is not only a pleasure to visit, but lag free, and a nice overall atmosphere.  This hip new joint is a small corner of SL called the Elegance House of Jazz.

Main dance floor of the EHOJ

There are plenty of locations to enjoy Jazz in SL, each with their own quirks... and these quirks can be good, or not so good.  However, one of the circumstances I often encounter is when my dear Breezy get a yen to do a bit of pixel twisting, and sweetly asks me to take her someplace.  Often times, I've furiously sifted through odd titles of clubs I've never seen before, playing the "search lotto".  Sadly, my luck mirrors RL - the "Jazz" club is garish, a lag fest, or even worse, play no Jazz music at all - just something unintelligible (I can handle bebop & improvisation, but if it takes a turn into "rap music", it might as well be Belorussian farmer folk music - no offence to Belorussians)!

Playing a tune at the EHOJ

But... one does get lucky at times... which is exactly what happened when I spun the wheel and landed on the Elegance House of Jazz!  The Elegance House of Jazz (EHOJ) is an excellent getaway for enjoying Jazz in SL.  As previously mentioned, the main club is well laid out, lag-less, and though the Jazz selection tends to veer more towards the Jazz-Soul branch of the Jazz tree, the selection is very good.

Breezy said she'd only "be a minute" in the powder room!  
Seriously, how long does it take to visit the ladies room?

Interestingly enough, there is more to explore at the EHOJ.  The club is only one part of the entire complex - there is a clothing stores, which are common enough, but there is a Cognac & Cigar Lounge, a McDonalds, and even a Starbucks on site!  I'd certainly recommend a visit to EHOJ, enjoy the atmosphere (more modern than I usually follow, but very well-done within a modern theme), have a cigar, or even an espresso after a long night of dancing!  To pay a visit, please turn to:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seraph City Travelogue: The Empire Jazz Club

The entrance of the Empire Jazz Club

I've covered quite a bit of SL Jazz during the few years of the SL Jazz After Midnight, but one locale that I've neglected has been my own proverbial back yard, Seraph City (SC).  As SL's first dedicated attempt at a Dieselpunk themed sim, the build has a number of interesting structures and locations.  One of which is my own small jazz venue, the Empire Jazz Club.

The main floor of the club, with the dance heart just above!

When SC first started, I didn't want a residential location, so coupled with my indulgence of jazz, I decided to add a small club, reminiscent of the idealized small jazz holes of the '30s and '40s.  As I've never been accused of being a builder, I chose to find an existing work to fit the bill.  I found Miss Blue Jishnu's Art Deco Jazz Club, which was perfect, though she was kind enough to make a few small modification to its dimensions to fit the plot its on.

The stage at the Empire Jazz Club

There have been inquiries regarding events or chantuses visiting, but for the time being, it is what you see - a small place to listen to jazz, or perhaps dance with that special friend.  There remains the distinct possiblity of a future event, depending on some developing circumstances, but for the time being, its just a place to relax and enjoy some music.  To visit it, please turn to:

An overview of Parc de la Siren

An odd circumstance developed from the size of the Empire Jazz Club, however.  I ended with a large space behind the build, adjacent to a similar issue with my dear partner Breezy Carver.  Over time, this blank spot has housed general builds, storefronts, and even a movie studio, but nothing ever seemed quite right.

The entrance to Parc de la Siren

This question has vexed me until the other day, when I decided to renovate the location into my attempt at an era park.  Parc de la Siren is a small attachment where one can indulge in more music after shopping at the Carrington, or if one wishes not to be enclosed inside the club.  Plenty of space for a bit of dancing is available, and one can use the dance generators from inside the club, or the one hidden just off the main park, by the water.

The widow's bench, overlooking the sim's edge

The park is still a work in progress, so it might look a *tad* different from these photos, but it will essentially remain the same.  So if one wishes to dance under the virtual stars, or simply have a small locale to think, IM, or just watch the sunrise, do consider Parc de la Siren, at:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Solitude... an impressive work of Dieselpunk!

Via Dieselpunks, I'm reposting Solitude, a unique production with a great Dieselpunk flavor!  Do enjoy!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Art Deco in SL - Bay City

Odd as it might seem, there is a minimal representation of Art Deco in Second Life.  There are a  handful of sims which recreate this stunning genre, but perhaps the oldest one in SL is Bay City.  Since 2008, Bay City has been a steadfast stronghold of Art Deco construction in the Virtual worlds.

The drawbridges of Bay City
(Yes, you can raise and lower them!)

I can't say that the entire collection of sims is dedicated to Art Deco, but it does have some iconic structures on its land, such as the Bay City Airport, the Cafe Deco, and the Bay City Center, to name a few.  Unfortunately, they tend to be spread out disparately throughout the sim, so its not quite a "total experience" of Art Deco, as some of the landowners deviate from the genre architecture, either through construction or very large advertisements, which aren't exactly "in genre".  But business is business, and the formula must work, considering Bay City longevity in SL.

Advert for the 3rd Anniversary of Bay City

During the month of May, Bay city will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary in SL.  It will include a parade through the sim, and a live concert at the fairground in the North Channel.

The Cafe Deco - one of the Art Deco gems of Bay City

One location which caught my eye was the Cafe Deco - a stunning representation of Art Deco / Streamline Moderne interior design and construction.  It tends to be a bit empty, but for a getaway, or photoshoot, its difficult to find a better genre location in SL.

Inside the Cafe Deco

I did take advantage of the Bay City center's greeting plaquards, which provide Bay City's story much better than I could possibly relate, so please do take a moment to learn more (as they are reproduced below)!

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

(Part 3)

(Part 4)

(Part 5)

(Part 6)

The exterior of the Bay City Airport

One location that merits a visit is the Bay City Airport.  Its structure is classic Art Deco, with stylings more representational of traditional visuals of Art Deco.  A beauty to behold, both inside and out, but as an infohub, there are always a number of noobs populating the location.  And as follows with noobs is noob-nonsense, do don't be surprised at what you might encounter at teh entrance of the airport.

Inside the Bay City Airport!

Still the interiors are streamlined and asthetically beautiful, and merit a visit.  Once past the aformentioned noobs, one can explore other parts of the airport, including the magazine store, luggage store, milk bar (I didn't see any White Russians - grr), and of course, my favorite spot, the bar!

Hmm - Vodka then Rum, or Rum then Vodka?
I always forget!

Do make it a point of visiting Bay City, and exploring its disparate but visually enticing Art Deco builds!  If you have the time, pay a visit during their parade and get a feel for the city!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Jazz Venue Reviews: Divine Jazz Club

Entrance to the Divine Jazz Club

Its been a bit since I've updated the Jazz Venue Reviews in SL, so its about time I get back to the basic theme of the SL Jazz after Midnight ... Jazz!  Today's review is the Divine Jazz Club, a nice, secluded club, which is part of the Casablanca mall complex.

The bar at the Divine

The overall interior is reminiscent of a well built Art Deco club - it styling is sleek, classic, and easy to navigate.  That is reflected in its simplicity - a large central dance floor with a high ceiling, a central stage, and seating areas to the right and left.  Simple, but a good design.

Its central stage - nicely done

There are two music choices here... the first is the default "Martini in the Morning".  Basic, and nothing new.  They do a good job, as those in SL know, MITM is pretty much everywhere.  However, the do advertise "live" music - though I couldn't find a schedule.  All that was available was a sign with a performer's name, who I assume is the live chanteuse. 

If you choose so, the rooftop is available for dancing as well!

As part of a mall sim, it seems to be an appendage to the build - a means to attract customers.  Not necessarily a bad thing - in fact, if you happen to be looking for a nice, quiet place to spend time with your special friend, I'd suggest a visit.  Don't expect a lot of novelty, but do expect peace and quiet, which sometimes is all you need!  To pay a visit, please turn to: 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Searph City!

Seraph City celebrates its 1st anniversary on the grid today!  As SL foremost Dieselpunk sim, its doing quite well, with the whispers of a possible expansion in the near future!  Do stop by and indulge in a bit of the 30's and 40's at Seraph City!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dino D-Day propaganda posters released....

Steam has announced a release of its upcoming WW2 game, Dino D-Day!  It seems to be a first person shooter about an Allied invasion of Normandy, with the Nazi having dinosaurs in their arsenal.  Any first-person shooter from Steam is certain to be good, but for a Dieselpunk twist to it, this is certainly an imaginative work!  For more information, please do visit IO9's bit on it, at:!5783379/propaganda-posters-urge-you-to-keep-calm-and-shoot-nazi-dinosaurs

Or visit Steam to get a copy, at:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Suckerpunch - Dieselpunk's newest production for the mainstream media...

Suckerpunch is one of the first movies of 2011 which shows off aspects of Dieselpunk to the larger public.  Keep in mind, it's not exactly a genre movie, as there is plenty of "new" technology one can see from the trailer (e.g. helicopters, HUD displays, modern firearms), and fantasy aspects (e.g. the huge dragon), which diverges from what one might consider is a traditional Dieselpunk movie (e.g. Film Noir, Cliff-hangers, ect..).  

Fanpage Poster for Rocket

Still, with psudo-militaristic attire, zeppelins, enemies with spiked helmets (yes, reminiscent of some WW1 German army attire), there is a lot of Dieselpunk in Suckerpunch, so I would assume that if one accepts the movie at a basic level, and not expect *too* much, it'll do quite well.  To get a bit more information on the movie, please turn to: , and pay a visit to the impressive fan site, at: 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Grand Opening of Fashion for Life....

The Ansel Adams build on the Fashion for Life sim...

Yes, after a two-month layoff, I'm back with the SJ JAM... yet again.  This blog has been a bit of an on-goign project (aka, I need to keep it up to date more), but after a bit of consideration, I've decided continue the blog, with some Jazz reviews, but focusing more on the small but growing Dieselpunk genre in SL.  The SL Jazz scene ebbs and flows, and I'll still be covering it (along with my partner, Breezy), but I'll be including more era items (e.g. merchants and builds as well)...

First, I wanted to mention the amazing Art Deco build at the Grand Opening of the Fashion for life.  The above photos are a small sample of the work there, and the theme is a black and white work - perfect if one chooses to do era photos - or just have a bit of a Noir feel!  To pay a visit, or learn more, please go to...

Next, sad news... the Pan Pacific closed a few months ago.  A beautiful build, but unfortunately I believe the owners had an over-optimistic view of running entertainment events in SL.  A beautiful build (which was actually for sale on SL Exchange), and associated build, but alas, the SL economy is a harsh mistress (my apologies to Heinlein), and it became victim to it.

There is a projected plan to expand Seraph City, growing the only dedicated Dieselpunk sim in SL.  Not set date on it, and the details are sill sketchy, but I'll keep any readers here up-to-date on the goings on!

Other than that... I'll endeavor to keep the SL Jam more up-to-date with Dieselpunk news in SL, on a weekly basis, at the very least!