Friday, April 15, 2011

Jazz Venue Reviews: Divine Jazz Club

Entrance to the Divine Jazz Club

Its been a bit since I've updated the Jazz Venue Reviews in SL, so its about time I get back to the basic theme of the SL Jazz after Midnight ... Jazz!  Today's review is the Divine Jazz Club, a nice, secluded club, which is part of the Casablanca mall complex.

The bar at the Divine

The overall interior is reminiscent of a well built Art Deco club - it styling is sleek, classic, and easy to navigate.  That is reflected in its simplicity - a large central dance floor with a high ceiling, a central stage, and seating areas to the right and left.  Simple, but a good design.

Its central stage - nicely done

There are two music choices here... the first is the default "Martini in the Morning".  Basic, and nothing new.  They do a good job, as those in SL know, MITM is pretty much everywhere.  However, the do advertise "live" music - though I couldn't find a schedule.  All that was available was a sign with a performer's name, who I assume is the live chanteuse. 

If you choose so, the rooftop is available for dancing as well!

As part of a mall sim, it seems to be an appendage to the build - a means to attract customers.  Not necessarily a bad thing - in fact, if you happen to be looking for a nice, quiet place to spend time with your special friend, I'd suggest a visit.  Don't expect a lot of novelty, but do expect peace and quiet, which sometimes is all you need!  To pay a visit, please turn to: 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Searph City!

Seraph City celebrates its 1st anniversary on the grid today!  As SL foremost Dieselpunk sim, its doing quite well, with the whispers of a possible expansion in the near future!  Do stop by and indulge in a bit of the 30's and 40's at Seraph City!