Sunday, May 15, 2011

Solitude... an impressive work of Dieselpunk!

Via Dieselpunks, I'm reposting Solitude, a unique production with a great Dieselpunk flavor!  Do enjoy!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Art Deco in SL - Bay City

Odd as it might seem, there is a minimal representation of Art Deco in Second Life.  There are a  handful of sims which recreate this stunning genre, but perhaps the oldest one in SL is Bay City.  Since 2008, Bay City has been a steadfast stronghold of Art Deco construction in the Virtual worlds.

The drawbridges of Bay City
(Yes, you can raise and lower them!)

I can't say that the entire collection of sims is dedicated to Art Deco, but it does have some iconic structures on its land, such as the Bay City Airport, the Cafe Deco, and the Bay City Center, to name a few.  Unfortunately, they tend to be spread out disparately throughout the sim, so its not quite a "total experience" of Art Deco, as some of the landowners deviate from the genre architecture, either through construction or very large advertisements, which aren't exactly "in genre".  But business is business, and the formula must work, considering Bay City longevity in SL.

Advert for the 3rd Anniversary of Bay City

During the month of May, Bay city will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary in SL.  It will include a parade through the sim, and a live concert at the fairground in the North Channel.

The Cafe Deco - one of the Art Deco gems of Bay City

One location which caught my eye was the Cafe Deco - a stunning representation of Art Deco / Streamline Moderne interior design and construction.  It tends to be a bit empty, but for a getaway, or photoshoot, its difficult to find a better genre location in SL.

Inside the Cafe Deco

I did take advantage of the Bay City center's greeting plaquards, which provide Bay City's story much better than I could possibly relate, so please do take a moment to learn more (as they are reproduced below)!

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

(Part 3)

(Part 4)

(Part 5)

(Part 6)

The exterior of the Bay City Airport

One location that merits a visit is the Bay City Airport.  Its structure is classic Art Deco, with stylings more representational of traditional visuals of Art Deco.  A beauty to behold, both inside and out, but as an infohub, there are always a number of noobs populating the location.  And as follows with noobs is noob-nonsense, do don't be surprised at what you might encounter at teh entrance of the airport.

Inside the Bay City Airport!

Still the interiors are streamlined and asthetically beautiful, and merit a visit.  Once past the aformentioned noobs, one can explore other parts of the airport, including the magazine store, luggage store, milk bar (I didn't see any White Russians - grr), and of course, my favorite spot, the bar!

Hmm - Vodka then Rum, or Rum then Vodka?
I always forget!

Do make it a point of visiting Bay City, and exploring its disparate but visually enticing Art Deco builds!  If you have the time, pay a visit during their parade and get a feel for the city!