Monday, January 2, 2012

... and now the details to the upgrade of the SL Jazz After Midnight!

Dieselpunk Babe, by *orlarose

Hello!   After a bit of an absence, I'm working toward revitalizing this small blog on Jazz, Dieselpunk, and Virtual Worlds, through its old name, SL Jazz After Midnight.  Here is some of the why's and what's coming in this blog… 

First, I enjoy Jazz.  I like to indulge in other types of music, and have been doing so quite frequently.  However. listening to Jazz has been something that I have taken for granted, especially the early classic Jazz artists (I'm quite a fan of Lionel Hampton, and enjoy my Pandora stream, listening to him while I write), and feel the need to return to those roots.  SL has plenty of Jazz venues, however, there are plenty that use it as a search "fish-hook", to attract traffic.  So as you arrive to what you may think is an enjoyable Jazz interlude, you actually end up rezzing in a "bar" with a DJ playing Sammy Hagar, talking about how much tequila she drinks in RL (/me rolls eyes), which can be frustrating.  Therefore, as the title implies, I'll visit venues, especially ones which refelct the Jazz era (say 1920 through the 1950s, to be generous - I also enjoy the Rat Pack's stylings, albeit it is on the "far edges" of Dieselpunk), and giving my impressions of the location.  If a place is good (or at least, if I like it), I'll say so - if it has nothing to do with Jazz, I'll give you the heads up on that as well!

Secondly, I am quite fond of the Dieselpunk era.  Not that I don't like Steampunk - I've been writing on it for over half a decade (the original Steampunk blog I deleted started in November of 2006, but as I can't "prove" I was writing on it then, I'll have to wait until May of 2012 to claim the "Half Decade" title of Steampunk blogging).  Still, I have an affinity for the era - social mannerisms, architecture, fiction, and many other aspects of the genre.  I don't know if the genre will grow as quickly as Steampunk, but I have an optimistic view it will grow well, as the genre matures, not only in SL but in RL (real life) as well.  Please bear in mind, I'll leave the RL Dieselpunk to the DP blogs and fourms, which do a yeoman job of expanding the genre, but I'll occasionally dip my toe in as well (e.g. I'm indulging in a newfound enthusiasm for fedoras {Thank you, Fedora Lounge!} - just need the rest of the attire to match)!

Also, I hope to highlight some of the DP genre and locations in Second Life.  Over the past few months, I've noticed a steady stream of visitors, in spite of no new entries being made on the blog.  I'm not quite sure if its for Jazz, Dieselpunk, both, or for some other reason.  Nonetheless, I'm hoping that it'll be for both (or more) reasons, so I'll keep working to ensure the latest information is provided regarding not only the SL Jazz scene, but the emerging SL Dieselpunk scene.

Finally, I believe that Dieselpunk and associated aspect of the genre (obviously Jazz, but also archecture, and RP/storytelling, to name a couple) are creating inroads in Second Life.  Linden Labs (the owners of Second Life) have chosen to highlight the genres of Vampires (and by association the Bloodlines" game) - perhaps due to the popularity of Vampire literature, and Steampunk (which has been a boon to the genre - many of those who enjoy Steampunk are often not able to make a trek to a convention, therefore SL provide a good outlet).  I believe that Dieselpunk will make its own way in the virtual worlds for its own reasons.  In an effort to promote them, I"ll be updating a list (and associated SLurls) for genre SL locations.  I'm hoping that Dieselpunk will begin to gain ground in Second Life and establish its own notable corner in the larger virtual worlds.

So that the "why" and the "what's coming" of the blog - a virtual world relaxation with perhaps a bit Jazz, Dieselpunk, Film Noir, and the cacophony of associated thread that make up Dieselpunk.  Looking forward to seeing you again!

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