Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Knight of the Sky - continued!

Continuing with the continuing events of the Knight of the Sky, we bring the second installment of the series - do enjoy!

Want to learn more about the Knight of the Sky?  Head to your local magazine stand in Seraph City for more thrilling adventures of the Knight of the Sky!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Classic SL Serial, direct from Seraph City... presenting... The Knight of the Sky!

As I wandered the streets of Searph City, I came across a news-stand which was selling an eye catching series of adventures of the intrepid adventurer known as the "Knight of the Sky, the two-fisted champion of the Stratosphere"!  Picking up a copy, I was intrigued at the amazing adventures of Captain Creighton, including his brave fights and superlative escapes from certain death!

(Page 1)

Harkening back to the classic serials of the 1930's, Mr. Creighton has done an outstanding job in re-creating in Second Life a classic 1930's cliffhanger / serial adventure.  He was kind enough to allow the posting of his series on the SL Jazz After Midnight... and if you wish to read more of the adventures of the Knight of the Sky, do stop by his skyscraper in Searph City, for the rest of issue one, and the next two installments!

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(Page 6... and more to come, next week!)

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