Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jazz URLs for Second Life (and general use!)

Art Deco Radio Station in Tulsa, Oklahoma 
(Love the giant antenna, and the title/call letters on the front!)

One of the quandries I have faced with many a SL Jazz location is the lack of variety of Jazz genres.  As much as I like Martini in the Morning (which is one of the most popular streams for its excellent selections of music), there are times I would prefer a specific niche, such as 1920s radiocasts, Bossa Nova, West Coast Jazz, or the like.  To address this issue, I did a bit of hunting, and was able to find suitable selections for use as streams for land parcels in SL.

As I use Itunes as my main music player, the means to find a Jazz stream is:

"...So, I use iTunes as my default player. When the stream opens in iTunes, I do a 'GET INFO' (in the FILE menu), it will show you the actual URL. There's a similar capability in VLC, etc."
-  (A tip of the hat to Sterling Whitcroft, from the Second Life Archives, 2006)

Also, if you are listening to a stream via iTunes' Radio option, a right click on the center top listing (right below the "iTunes" title, in the bubble), will provide the "get info" option, and the stream URL.

Radio announcer from the 1930s - love the mike!

Good information, but it didn’t quite work for me, unfortunately.  I took the somewhat longer route to find streaming URLs:
1) Opened iTunes
2) Go to Shoutcast
3) Searched for the "Jazz" stations
4) Found a station, and chose the hyperlink
5) The ".pls" feed loaded at the bottom of the screen
6) Double clicked (opened) the feed
7) The feed will open up in iTunes
8) Right click the feed, and choose "get info"
9) The URL will near the bottom of the popup box - done!

(Please note: If you can't find the directory for any uploaded URLs in iTunes, please look on the sidebar, for a small section titled "Internet Songs").  I decided to forgo directly linking the URLs, but if you load the URL in your address banner, it will take you to the "Shoutcast" page, which often has the station's website added!

This being said, I have a few selections already set up at the Empire Jazz Club, which are…

Ill Street Lounge = (Exotica Lounge) (at the Carrington)
Radio Dismuke 1920s = (Swing)
Street Lounge  = (Lounge)
1920's Radio Network = (Early Jazz)
Riel Dieselpunk =
Sky Jazz FM = (Classic Jazz)
Smooth =
Bossa Nova = (Bossa Nova)
Martini = (Vocal Jazz)
RetroJazz = (Classic Jazz)
Riel New Toulouse =

"Old Time" microphone from WNYC!

And… with a little bit of elbow grease, I'll likely be changing out a few of these streams with some of these…

Global Swing Broadcast, at: (Swing)
Abacus.FM Vintage Jazz, at: (30s Jazz)
WNNO3 - New Orleans Jazz, at: (Classic Jazz)
The New England Jazz Express, at: (Classic Jazz)
Jazz Excursion, at: (Classic Jazz)
Blue FM, at: (Instrumental Jazz)
Jazz Radio, at: (Classic Jazz), at:
121WebRadio, at: (Instrumental Jazz)
Radio B2b, at: (Bossa Nova)
Jazz Con Class, at: (Classic Jazz)
Dyszel Jazz, at: (?)
Public Domain Jazz, at: (Classic Jazz)
Best Smooth Jazz, at: (Lounge Jazz)
Breezy Radio, at: (Classic Jazz / Oldies)
Paul in Rio Radio, at: (Brazillian Jazz)
Bossa Nova Jazz, at: (Bossa Nova)
Bebop, Sky FM, at: (Straight Jazz and Bebop)
The Penthouse, at: (Vocal Jazz, 50s)
(The "Cosmopolitan sound of New York")
The Jazz Groove, at: (West Coast Jazz)
American Songbook, Sky FM, at: (Classic Vocal Jazz)
Radio Casablanca, at: (Classic Vocal Jazz)
Franks Place Jazz, at: (SL Jazz Club)
WUSF (St. Pete/Tampa), at: (Public Radio, Jazz at night)
Datetempo Lounge, Sky FM, at:
(I didn't know AOL still existed!)
PLUSFM.NET, at: (Lounge / Eclectic)
Vid 90, at: (Straight Lounge Jazz)
Atmosphere Jazz, at: (Classic Jazz / Lounge Jazz)
Cool Groove Radio, at: (Modern Jazz / R&B)
Chroma Classic Lounge, at: (Classic Jazz)
RebelNet Radio Jazz, at: (Classic Jazz)
Jade's Jazz Lounge, at: (SL Jazz Club)
JAZZ FM 91, at: (Classic Jazz)
The Jazz Express, at: (Smooth Jazz)
Amazing Smooth Jazz, at: (Smooth Jazz)
The Source Smooth Jazz and more, at: (Smooth Jazz)
Smooth in Seattle, at: (Smooth Jazz)
Smooth Radio London, at: (Smooth Jazz)
All Smooth Jazz - 111 East Radio, at: (Smooth Jazz)
Smooth Radio Northwest, at: (Smooth Jazz)
Ambient FM - Tenerife Canary Islands, at: (Smooth Jazz)
Absolutely Smooth Jazz, SKY.FM, at: (Smooth Jazz)
Smooth Global Radio, at: (Smooth Jazz)
1FM - Bay Smooth Jazz, at: (Smooth Jazz)
Uptempo Smooth Jazz, SKY.FM, at: (Smooth Jazz), at: (Latin Jazz)
Syndicate online, at: (Vocal Jazz)
LaTin Jazz Radio, at: (Latin Jazz)
Latin Jazz - Cesar Martignon, at: (Latin Jazz)

If you come across a mistaken or misplaced number, please let me know - my eyes began to get crossed after the first hour of annotating these locations - thanks!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jazz Venues and Sims - Swing Times!

As part of the return to the Dieselpunk / Jazz scene in Second Life, I am slowly making my way across the sims, finding new places to visit and enjoy.  After finding a few dead ends, so to speak, I stumbled on perhaps the brightest, newest light in Dieselpunk in SL - Swing Times!

The main business offices of Swing Times - along with news headlines!

While pondering the economic cycles of Second Life during my commute in RL, I did wonder why some venues fail, while other succeed.  It isn't a panacea, but I am beginning to believe that one factor which leads to overall success in era genre is a good immersive experience in Second Life.  That may seem obvious, but I'd say its easier said than done, as numerous people have attempted to keep sims in both Steampunk, and more recently in Dieselpunk/Pulp era afloat, but with mixed success.

Outside the Arcadian Hotel

While that will certainly be fodder for another entry, I must say that I'm very impressed with Swing Times, for a number of reasons.  The most obvious is the sim construction.  The owner, Captain Paul Creighton, whose serial adventures were featured a few months ago on the SL JAM, has built an 30s/40s urban cityscape, with a mix of traditional and Art Deco builds - all quite nicely done.  The entire city isn't entirely Art Deco / Streamline Moderne, but there is plenty of this beautiful type of architecture to catch one's eye!

Swing Times at Dusk

Additionally, there are plans in place for genre events... there are numerous entertainment venues at the sim, including a USO club (more on that below), a Drive-In, cabaret, and a few intimate Jazz clubs, interspersed throughout the sim.  There is a complete slate of schedule of events at the visitor's information bureau - there is always something planned at Swing Time!

A taxi waiting just outside the Arcadian - for that "quick getaway"...

Merchants and residences - both are here, and appear to be filling up quite nicely, since the sim opened its doors (in March, if memory services me correctly).  The arrival location is a central gazebo (as seen below), which is surrounded by numerous merchants, and the Visitors Information Bureau (located just underneath the billboard with the fellow sporting a grey fedora).

The Central Park of Swing Times, with shopping galore!

The areas for residences are both available for rent or purchase - and it appears that both are starting to move quite smartly!  The rentals are unique residences, in the era theme, and I'll assume that the same holds true with the purchased parcels - as I noticed a few nice Art Deco builds with Maritime Moderne aspects showing up!

Open a door, and walk into your new residence in Swing Town!

Rentals can be found at the Visitors Bureau - simply open a door, walk in, and if the location is available - pay the meter and rent!  Quite simple!  (Full disclosure - while writing this piece, I couldn't resist the temptation, and now reside at the Swing Times Yacht Club - a nice Maritime Modern build across from the Castle Building).  

Upcoming this weekend!

Alas, I received notice that there is a "South Pacific" party today, from 6-9 pm, SLT, so if you happen to catch this before then, do consider a visit!

The exterior of the USO club!

It was a nice touch to see a USO club - one more of the small genre touches (ok, this isn't so small, but it is nice to see), and I admit to looking forward to seeing the eventual progress Swing Times makes in the genre in SL.

The city during the day!

To take a small jaunt to Swing Time, and see what I've been gushing over, please follow this URL to the newest Dieselpunk sim in SL!:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Great Gatsby Trailer...

Fresh from a visit from Dieselpunks, the trailer for the Great Gatsby is out, and is frankly amazing!  I realize there are quibbles about the story-line, and perhaps some cinematographic aspects, but the initial views of the movie look breathtaking, and I'll certainly be looking forward to its release this Christmas - for more details, please visit their main website, at:

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dieselpunk Travelogue: First Street Jazz!

The entrance to First Street Jazz

Welcome back to the newest entry on SL Jazz Venues - this time highlighting the new jazz venue of First Street Jazz!  A beautiful new sim with an outstanding selection of shopping and a slate of new performances to enjoy - and a bit of insight as to the evolution of the blog...

Master TP board, for quick shopping 
(for the "perfect" item just before hitting the club)!

I realize its been awhile since I've made an entry to the SL JAM, but due to a combination of things (e.g. RL episodes, and a bit of a quandry on the focus of this blog), I had to re-assess its direction.  Originally I would visit venues, searching for nice jazz establishments.  However, an epiphany struck when I was reviewing one of the larger SL jazz clubs - and gave some thought to the feed being piped.  For many clubs, especially medium to larger clubs, unless there is a specific theme to the build, you are essentially simply listening to a music feed while chatting.  (Yes, I can be a bit slow realizing this, but ideally even the slowest horse crosses the finish line). 

Looking down the promenade to the First Street Jazz Club

While mentally masticating this, I decided to take a gander at new "retro" era builds in SL.  In the past, the number of what I term "retro" (from the 1920's to the early 1950's) seemed a bit sparse, with only a few gems emerging from the vast bulk of SL builds.  However, a recent trip through SL has shown that many established genre venues have grown dramatically, and numerous new builds have sprung up as well!

One of the newer genre venues is a great find, the First Street Jazz Club!  Part shopping venue, part beautiful jazz club, First Street Jazz has an excellent combination for shopping and entertainment.  I would defer an fashion judgements to my partner Breezy, the editor of Virtually Classic Fashions, but the layout of the stores is easy to navigate (essentially an inverted "T" shape).  Even with the "no-flight" aspect in effect (not a personal favorite, though I do understand the rationale for it), its a minor quibble - and from my untrained fashion eye, the stores are quite good!

The spacious, two-tired dance floor at First Street Jazz

I haven't had the opportunity to visit the club in action, as I've only visited it recently.  Based on the schedule at its entrance, its is a new endeavor with numerous live performers slated to perform.  The bulk of the entertainment appears to take place on Wednesdays and during the weekend, but to pay an eye to their schedule, easily found at the entrance to the club.

A relaxing view of the Mezzaine of the First Street Jazz Club

The aspect of the sim which really grabbed my attention was its upscale cosmopolitan late 40s look.  The excellent quality of the build reflects the maturation of the Art Deco era, but the parked vehicles reflect a bit of a post-WW2 era.  Excellent for photography, and the multitude of taller builds (even though for appearance only), do an excellent job of conveying a smart and classic era feel.

The Balcony Club, located at the top of First Street Jazz!

If you're looking for a new venue to visit, shop, photograph, and relax, take a moment to visit First Street Jazz - a great location to relax and enjoy!  Just take the virtual Pan Am Clipper to: and remember, stay hip and make the scene!