Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Cap'n's Cabaret (at!

The Cap'n and an intrepid companion off to another corner
of the Dieselpunk world!

During my time blogging (a few years now), I've seen many endeavors come and go, both hosting sites and blogs, thus I do have an admiration for longevity.  Keeping an eye out for this quality, I did wish to mention an excellent series at, by Cap'n Tony, called "The Cap'n's Cabaret".  The good Captain reviews a musical highlight from the Dieselpunk genre every week, and as an added bonus, includes the details to a tasty beverage to indulge (necessitating a serious upgrade to my own bar - which is sadly lacking since my bachelor days...).  Nonetheless, I would certainly recommend visiting at least one (or at best, all) of the Cap'n entries... starting at: - Do enjoy!

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