Saturday, August 4, 2012

Film Noir Classics: The Big Combo

Another genre classic, The Big Combo is interesting as it no only is great for its great lines, such as..
- "I'm gonna break him so fast he won't have time to change his pants"
- "If they take you to police headquarters, shoot yourself in the head.  It'll make things simpler."
- "You're a little man with a soft job and good pay.  Stop thinking about what might have been and who knows - you may live to die in bed."

... but for its subtle (or not so subtle) sexual innuendos, which passed by the censors of the day.  From the sexual dominance of Mr. Brown over Susan, to the thinly veiled buddy-buddy button men (gay relationship... the line by Mingo while he's in hiding, that he can't "swallow anymore salami"), there are a lot of lines that add to the complexity of this excellent plot.  So do enjoy yet another Noir classic!

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