Art Deco Links

One thing noteable with the Jazz / Pulp / Dieselpunk genres is its adherence, or at least hat-tip to the amazing Art Deco and Streamline Moderne styles.  Mind you, it can be difficult to find links to active blogs on the topic, so I've added a few here - do enjoy! (Last updated - 15 JAN 12)

Art Deco Buildings blog
Art Deco on Tumblr -
Art Deco and Modernism Australia -
Art Deco of Innisfail (AU) -
Art Deco and Modernism Tasmania -
Art Deco and the Australian Bush -
Art Deco in North East Brazil -
Art Deco Wikipedia Entry -
Art Deco Society of Boston -
Art Deco Society of the Palm Beaches -
Art Deco Society of California -
Art Deco Society of New York -
Art Deco Society of Los Angeles -
Art Deco Society of New Zealand -
Art Deco Society of Sacramento -
Art Deco Society of Washington (state) -
Art Deco and Moderism Society (Melbourne) -
Chicago Art Deco Society -
Detroit Area Art Deco Society -
Decopix, the Art Deco Architecture Site
Miami Design Preservation League -
Napier Art Deco Society
The Twentieth Century Society -
The Twentieth Century Heritage Society of New South Wales -

(That's it for now - but I promise to up-date the list soon!)