Dieselpunk Literature

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I've be searching for a listing of Dieselpunk literature with only a modicum of success, so I decided to take matters into my own hands, and slowly build a collection of works with emphasize Dieselpunk.  As such, I'll comment on those which I've read, and at the very least link as much as I can for the others.  Therefore, the listing starts...

The Company Man, by Robert Bennett
Diesel City, by Stefan
Empire State, by Adam Christopher
Ghosts of Manhattan, by George Mann
Leviathan, by Scott Westerfeld
Necropolis, by Michael Dempsey - http://www.necropolisthenovel.com/
Pandora Driver, by John Picha   
Reeferpunk, by David Mark Brown
The Troubleshooter, by Bard Constantine- Volume 1 - New Haven Blues
Silent Empire, by Stefan (Forthcoming)
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, by Kevin J. Anderson
Shadows in the Mist, by Brian Moreland

An incomplete list, but I intend to add more to it as time progresses...

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