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Art Deco Radio Station in Tulsa, Oklahoma 
(Love the giant antenna, and the title/call letters on the front!)

(Note: This is reprint from an old post in May of 2012 - I"l be adding new Jazz URLs as I find them and the time to add them - but for now, please feel free to add them to your own parcels!)

One of the quandries I have faced with many a SL Jazz location is the lack of variety of Jazz genres.  As much as I like Martini in the Morning (which is one of the most popular streams for its excellent selections of music), there are times I would prefer a specific niche, such as 1920s radiocasts, Bossa Nova, West Coast Jazz, or the like.  To address this issue, I did a bit of hunting, and was able to find suitable selections for use as streams for land parcels in SL.

As I use Itunes as my main music player, the means to find a Jazz stream is:

"...So, I use iTunes as my default player. When the stream opens in iTunes, I do a 'GET INFO' (in the FILE menu), it will show you the actual URL. There's a similar capability in VLC, etc."
-  (A tip of the hat to Sterling Whitcroft, from the Second Life Archives, 2006)

Also, if you are listening to a stream via iTunes' Radio option, a right click on the center top listing (right below the "iTunes" title, in the bubble), will provide the "get info" option, and the stream URL.

Radio announcer from the 1930s - love the mike!

Good information, but it didn’t quite work for me, unfortunately.  I took the somewhat longer route to find streaming URLs:
1) Opened iTunes
2) Go to Shoutcast
3) Searched for the "Jazz" stations
4) Found a station, and chose the hyperlink
5) The ".pls" feed loaded at the bottom of the screen
6) Double clicked (opened) the feed
7) The feed will open up in iTunes
8) Right click the feed, and choose "get info"
9) The URL will near the bottom of the popup box - done!

(Please note: If you can't find the directory for any uploaded URLs in iTunes, please look on the sidebar, for a small section titled "Internet Songs").  I decided to forgo directly linking the URLs, but if you load the URL in your address banner, it will take you to the "Shoutcast" page, which often has the station's website added!

This being said, I have a few selections already set up at the Empire Jazz Club, which are…

Ill Street Lounge = http://steady.somafm.com:8500 (Exotica Lounge) (at the Carrington)
Radio Dismuke 1920s = (Swing)
Street Lounge  = http://steady.somafm.com:8500 (Lounge)
1920's Radio Network = (Early Jazz)
Riel Dieselpunk = http://dieselpunk.radioriel.org
Sky Jazz FM = (Classic Jazz)
Smooth Jazz.com = http://scfire-ntc-aa06.stream.aol.com:80/stream/1005
Bossa Nova = (Bossa Nova)
Martini = http://mitm.streamguys.us:80 (Vocal Jazz)
RetroJazz = (Classic Jazz)
Riel New Toulouse = http://newtoulouse.radioriel.org

"Old Time" microphone from WNYC!

And… with a little bit of elbow grease, I'll likely be changing out a few of these streams with some of these…

Global Swing Broadcast, at: (Swing)
Abacus.FM Vintage Jazz, at: (30s Jazz)
WNNO3 - New Orleans Jazz, at: http://nyc01.egihosting.com:18840/ (Classic Jazz)
The New England Jazz Express, at: (Classic Jazz)
Jazz Excursion, at: (Classic Jazz)
Blue FM, at: (Instrumental Jazz)
Jazz Radio, at: (Classic Jazz)
Mellowradio.nl, at:
121WebRadio, at: (Instrumental Jazz)
Radio B2b, at: (Bossa Nova)
Jazz Con Class, at: (Classic Jazz)
Dyszel Jazz, at: (?)
Public Domain Jazz, at: (Classic Jazz)
Best Smooth Jazz, at: (Lounge Jazz)
Breezy Radio, at: (Classic Jazz / Oldies)
Paul in Rio Radio, at: (Brazillian Jazz)
Bossa Nova Jazz, at: (Bossa Nova)
Bebop, Sky FM, at: (Straight Jazz and Bebop)
The Penthouse, at: (Vocal Jazz, 50s)
(The "Cosmopolitan sound of New York")
The Jazz Groove, at: (West Coast Jazz)
American Songbook, Sky FM, at: (Classic Vocal Jazz)
Radio Casablanca, at: (Classic Vocal Jazz)
Franks Place Jazz, at: (SL Jazz Club)
WUSF (St. Pete/Tampa), at: (Public Radio, Jazz at night)
Datetempo Lounge, Sky FM, at: http://scfire-ntc-aa08.stream.aol.com:80/stream/2012
(I didn't know AOL still existed!)
PLUSFM.NET, at: (Lounge / Eclectic)
Vid 90, at: (Straight Lounge Jazz)
Atmosphere Jazz, at: (Classic Jazz / Lounge Jazz)
Cool Groove Radio, at: (Modern Jazz / R&B)
Chroma Classic Lounge, at: (Classic Jazz)
RebelNet Radio Jazz, at: (Classic Jazz)
Jade's Jazz Lounge, at: (SL Jazz Club)
JAZZ FM 91, at: (Classic Jazz)
The Jazz Express, at: (Smooth Jazz)
Amazing Smooth Jazz, at: (Smooth Jazz)
The Source Smooth Jazz and more, at: (Smooth Jazz)
Smooth in Seattle, at: (Smooth Jazz)
Smooth Radio London, at: (Smooth Jazz)
All Smooth Jazz - 111 East Radio, at: (Smooth Jazz)
Smooth Radio Northwest, at: (Smooth Jazz)
Ambient FM - Tenerife Canary Islands, at: (Smooth Jazz)
Absolutely Smooth Jazz, SKY.FM, at: (Smooth Jazz)
Smooth Jazz.com Global Radio, at: http://scfire-mtc-aa05-stream.aol.com:80/stream/1005 (Smooth Jazz)
1FM - Bay Smooth Jazz, at: (Smooth Jazz)
Uptempo Smooth Jazz, SKY.FM, at: (Smooth Jazz)
Jazziando.com, at: (Latin Jazz)
Syndicate online, at: (Vocal Jazz)
LaTin Jazz Radio, at: (Latin Jazz)
Latin Jazz - Cesar Martignon, at: (Latin Jazz)

If you come across a mistaken or misplaced number, please let me know - my eyes began to get crossed after the first hour of annotating these locations - thanks!

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