Second Life Jazz Clubs

This is a more "up-to-date" listing of Jazz Club in SL, as of Mid-March, 2011.  I'll be updating the listing on a quarterly (or so) basis, but making sure the club focus on Jazz as their main musical selection.  I'm trying to consolidate the listing to clubs and venues that specialize in Jazz music (aka, no rock, pop, 80's, 90's, latin, country or Blues music {though I'm a bit lax on the Blues, however} - predominantly Jazz music).

So, I'm still working on the list to including SLurls for the locations, and a few photos, so do keep checking back!

Top 10 Jazz Clubs under the "Classic" LL Search engine

Frank's Place Jazz Club - Very popular, but very laggy!

Sweetheart's Jazz Romantic Ballroom


Bogart's Jazz Club

Foxxies Romantic Ballroom

Camelot Gardens

Elite Sounds of Jazz
Phat Cat's Jazz Club
Cloud Nine Ballroom

RMS Titanic - Ballroom Dancing
Frank's Elite Jazz Club
Top 10 Jazz Clubs based on the "Improved" 2.0 search engine

Divine Jazz Club

Jade's Jazz Island

Casablanca Ballroom Jazz Club

Bleac's Jazz Castle

Bella Vida Jazz Club

Blue Room Jazz Club

That's Amore Jazz Club

Elegance House of Jazz

Dubai Jazz

The Vault Vintage Jazz Club

Jazz Clubs 11-20 as listed on the "Classic" search engine

Smooth Jazz Club and Lounge

Elegance Ballroom

Jades' Jazz Pier

Jezebell's Jazz Club

Jazz Bar

Astoria Del Mar

New York Ballroom Jazz Club

Hidden Pearl Club

Jade's Jazz Island

Sage Blue Jazz and Beach

Jaspers Jazz and Blues

The Best of the Rest - Hidden Gems to be found here!...

The Leonard Cohen Club
The Blue Moon Jazz and Blues Bar
Nat's Jazz Club
The Starlight Room
Club Zanzibar
Pointe Fusion Elite Jazz
Wise Guys
Azure Jazz Club
After hours at the Fitzgerald
Blue Rose Jazz Club
Topaz Jazz Cafe and Ballroom
Romantic Sunset Ballroom
Blue Note Retro Jazz Lounge
The Gass Station Jazz
The Savoy Jazz Club
PeKashee Smooth Jazz Lounge
Club Harlow Speakeasy
Sunset Jazz Club
Cam's Jazz and Blues (under construction)
Silver Dreams Romantic Palace Ballroom
Madeleine's Jazz and Blues
Charlie's Neighborhood Jazz Club
Angel's Paradise Ballroom: Jazz on Winddragon Isle
TGF Jazz
J&S Jazz-Blues Bar
Garden of Girls
Elegance Ballroom
The Jazz Club
Nuages - Ballroom
Divine Jazz Club
The Jazz House
The Star Bar Martini and Jazz Club
Dirty Dancing Romance Jazz and Bolero Club
Catch a Falling Star Jazz Club and Garden
Godzilla Town Farao Jazz Dance Club
Granville Jazz Emporium
Star's Ballroom
All that Jazz
Twilight Blues and Jazz Club
Ivories Jazz and Blues Club
Midnight Poet's Jazz Ballroom
City Light Jazz and Blues
Sinatra Club
Cala Di Volpe
The Shoals at Key West Resort
Casablanca Society at Belle's Little Winter Town
Malafemmina Jazz Club
Virtual Harlem
Vanity Elegance Silky and Smooth
Le Lotus Bleu Opium Den
Meatspace Lounge Piano Bar
The Jazz Link
Deja Vu Jazz Club and Ballroom
Mitch Rose Jazz Club Coffee Bar
Joozz Music Club
Isle of Dreams
Kat Style
Bayside Jazz and Blues Club
Wetlands Ballroom
Bogey's Jazz Club
Jazz Lounge Club
Salty Dog Blues and Jazz
Jazz Cat
The Stallion Jazz Club
Mood Indigo Jazz Club
Jazz Palace
Absynthe Club
Mitch Rose Jazz Club

Le Vieux Canal Jazz Club
Jazz @ Pizza Express
The Harlem Cafe
Firehouse 59 Jazz and Blues
Empire Jazz Club
The Cotton Club (Virtual Harlem)
Le CC's Jazz Club
Pink & Blue Jazz Club and Dancing
The Rat Pack Jazz Night Club
Sunset Dreams Jazz Club
The Butterfly Lounge Jazz Ballroom
Pride Colors Ballroom and Garden
The Cubby Hole Jazz Bar
Club Appassionata
1935 Normandie